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A story of passion

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tracey's story

Tracey Hood started keeping bees as a hobby in 2012, following a visit to the Romsey Show Honey and Wine tent in September 2011.  Her passion for these wonderful insects and the produce they give has developed into a small business. This enables Tracey to continue to keep her bees healthy and productive in well-maintained equipment, given any necessary treatments against diseases and pests and food to ensure a healthy existence.

The 20 or so colonies are situated in Southern Hampshire. The honey collected is individually extracted and not blended ensuring that each jar of honey can be traced back to the hive it was taken from.  The beeswax obtained is used to make candles, beeswax food wraps, natural polish and cosmetics.  

Local honey is nutritious and the most beneficial to those who live and work in Hampshire.  By keeping her bees, healthy and productive, Tracey is ensuring they continue to pollinate flowers and trees, in turn keeping the human race well fed. 

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